Plastic Free Challenge
October 2018
Plastic Free Brainstorm
July 2018
St. Vincent's Bridge
June 2017
Sunday's Well Entrance
April 2017
Electrical Boxes
August 2016
North Main St Street Art
2015 / 2016
Coleman's Lane
2015 / 2016
Leitrim St with Heineken Cork
Sept 2016
North Gate Bridge
July 2016
COPE Foundation Workshop
July 2016
Blizzard in Blackpool
June 2016
Siege of Cork Mural
June 2016
George Boole's House
June 2016
Cork Educators
May 2016
Educate Together Mural
April 2016
Grand Parade Mural
March 2016
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Another days work on Coleman's Lane

16th July 2016

Coleman's Lane walk-through

March 2016

Building Flower Boxes for Coleman's Lane

April 2016

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Good Vibes on North Gate Bridge

August 2016

River of Time Mural

April 2016

Greening Coleman's Lane

April 2016

Cork people tell us what they think of our great city

19th April 2016

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Take a look at some videos we made in the last year


  The Oldtown Art & History Trail by Reimagine Cork aims to reveal the heart of the city in a fun and engaging way. 


We’re not historians, we’re mostly not even artists, but we’re passionate about our city and believe it’s time to mix the old with the new. 


We believe in celebrating the 3 H’s of Cork City – its history, heroes and humour.


We sincerely hope this light-hearted stroll around our ‘medieval’  centre will leave you agreeing - it’s not pretty, it’s a little bit gritty, but it’s Cork like!