The extreme weather events of recent months and years can leave us in no doubt; climate change is on our doorstep. At this point, it’s highly unlikely that Ireland will reach the EU’s 2020 emissions targets; in fact we'll have to work hard to meet our 2030 targets, so there’s no time to waste.


We believe The People's Republic of Cork can lead the way by becoming Plastic Free


Following our brainstorm during Plastic Free July, one of the key ideas that emerged was to recognise businesses in Cork that make a genuine effort to reduce plastic consumption. In our consumer driven economy, the collective desire of a community can have a big impact; and the businesses that respond will reap the rewards.

Ireland has the unfortunate accolade of being the top producer of plastic waste in Europe, producing an average of 61kgs per person each year, almost twice the EU average of 31kgs per year. Our aim is to drastically reduce Cork’s dependence on single use plastics, initially focusing on disposable coffee cups, water bottles and straws.

So how can you get involved?


People of Cork:

  • Carry a reusable cup or water bottle with you when you’re out and about

  • Help us to highlight locations that offer discounts and water refills


Coffee Shops & Restaurants:

  • Offer discounts on takeaway coffee and tea to reward customers that bring their own reusable cups

  • Offer free water refills for customer that bring their own reusable water bottles

  • Provide compostable take-away cups and packaging

  • Discontinue the use of plastic straws


The Reimagine Plastic Free Challenge will officially launch on Saturday October 13th. We’ll be hitting the streets of Cork to recognise businesses that are doing their bit to help make Cork a better place and adding them to our Plastic Free Map.


If you know of a particular business that deserves to be recognised, please let us know so we can acknowledge them (even if it’s yours!)