We met at St.Peter’s on North Main Street with a passionate group of volunteers to brainstorm ways we could build on the Plastic Free July initiative in Cork City.

Each individual spent the previous week gathering plastic bottles, and the hot weather meant there was plenty of them to be found. We set the tone for the project by taking these waste plastics and doing something positive with them, creating a tipi style greenhouse!

We also built a pyramid out of 1500 compostable coffee cups kindly donated by Down2Earth Materials. This represents the amount of non-recyclable coffee cups that ends up in landfill approximately every 4 minutes in Ireland.

While carrying your own reusable cup is the best solution, compostable cups are a good alternative. Some coffee shops in Cork do offer compostable cups and discounts for bringing your own reusable cup with you, but sometimes it can be hard to know who and where these business are.

One of the main suggestions to come out of our session was a live map of all eco friendly businesses in Cork that offer compostable and reusable alternatives. We look forward to developing this and some of the other great ideas that came out of this meeting.