Reimagine Cork: Making Cork even more beautiful.

Hello to all the inhabitants of Cork. I hope you are enjoying the weather when we have it and the good start we had with the Irish footballers In the Euros. The projects are coming in thick and fast. Below are the most recent ones I was involved in. We had plenty of volunteers to help and to give ideas but we could always do with more.

The George Boole residence has received a new garden and looks very classy indeed with three new trees planted surrounded by a white pebble base. All the vision of John our landscaper. Take a look at the before and after on this site and you can see the huge difference that it has made. All passers-by gave positive comments and the neighbour helped by giving us water to help the new life flourish. An eye sore that walkers and residents do not have to look at anymore. Makes you feel all warm inside.

Also Coleman's lane is looking peachy with more flower boxes added and due to the consistent watering and choice of flowers. Also well done to the weeders! More and more people are now using the lane as it is now pleasant to walk down. So many bright colours.

Kyle Street's new mural 'The Siege of Cork' adds to a street that has been already transformed by the new gardens and the 'Patriots' murals. Again the support of the residents is greatly appreciated.

'Educators of Cork' on North Main Street looks better every time you pass it. A bit of colour has been added.

Many other projects in the pipeline and looking forward to them.

Let's Reimagine Cork together.

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