"Every Blooming Thing"

Exciting times for Reimagine Cork as we have recently completed our latest project, sponsored by Leaders of North Main Street. North Gate Bridge is now decorated on both sides by a wonderful set of flower boxes safely clipped on to the railings.

A great turnout of volunteers helped the process run very smoothly including the carrying, drilling and tying of the boxes. We are all looking forward to seeing how the carefully selected flowers (by John) will bloom overlooking the lovely Lee.

The few words of thanks and encouragement by the passers-by brought smiles to all.

Coleman's Lane's flowers are looking very healthy due to the loyal water bearers and a new 'Selfie Wall' has been added. The patent goes to Alan Hurley. Very colourful and works well as we all tested it. The lane is to receive lighting soon which should just add to its glory. Also a photograph of its past inhabitants will be mounted highlighting the true history of the area.

The conversion of old electric boxes is continuing at pace. You can find them all over the city and are a delight to discover. The battle against bad graffiti is slowly but surely being won we feel.

Not to be resting on our laurels we are planning our next project but we leave that as a surprise for all Cork Inhabitants. Hint: It involves paint, flowers, boxes and an area that is in need of TLC. Here we go.

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