Future Meeting Points?

Well, I feel Reimagine Cork is really gaining momentum this summer. A great turnout of volunteers again this week and it must be said that all the flowers are really looking well in our Kyle street garden as well as Coleman's Lane and North Gate bridge.

We began our next project on Kyrl's Quay and the flower boxes we made from wooden pallets have been put up on the tired looking boarding hiding a derelict site. A lovely bit of life will soon flourish on a place that has been neglected for too long. I can't wait to see it finished.

Alan and a host of volunteers have designed magnificent paintwork to transform what was a shambles of electric boxes on Parnell place. They look really well and I believe could become a significant meeting place. ' Where do you want to meet?' 'By the colour boxes boi, do you know them?' 'I sure do.'

Check them out. They look class. Onwards and upwards.

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