Snowballs in Summer

I have talked previously about how Reimagine Cork is building momentum but the snowball is gathering serious pace down that hill at the moment. It was only a couple of weeks ago that it was suggested we should tackle the derelict site off Kyrl's quay and amazingly due to a number of our determined volunteers we have finished it. Albeit a work of art is never truly finished and don't be surprised if you see some further additions.

So far, graffiti has been covered up, flower boxes constructed and mounted, soil mixed and flowers planted. The flowers boxes also received a lovely shade of green. Check out which of the forty they got in the pic below. A small piece of Cork city is nicer to walk past and judging by the footfall when we were in the midst of our work there are quite a few of you who do.

Don't be surprised if you see further changes to our North Gate bridge project either. Take a look at how our plants are coming along on the bridge in the video below too.

Ah, it's nice to be nice! Come and join us.

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