A visitor's impression - 'Cork has personality in spades!'

Like most modern love stories this one started online. I first came across Reimagine Cork projects on Twitter and I was immediately inspired by what I saw. Big or small, the passion the volunteers had for the city was evident in every project. I had visited Ireland twice before and to be honest the idea of visiting Cork never really crossed my mind. I mean, I figured one day, if I was lucky enough I would visit Cork but I never made it a priority. I’m so happy to say that all changed once I discovered Reimagine Cork.

This October I was fortunate enough to return to Ireland and I made sure to include Cork in my visit. I had to experience this city that I’d only been viewing through the screen of my phone. Experience it I did! Alan Hurley and Kevin O’Brien were kind enough to show me some of the amazing work that has already been done to make Cork an even better place to live, work, and play in. They even let me try my hand at some spray painting!

I did my own exploring of the city, too, and in the short time (too short) that I spent there it was easy to see that there was a lot to be passionate about in Cork. From street art and cleaned-up laneways to historical buildings and the beautiful River Lee, Cork has personality in spades! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that need improving. Which is why the work that Reimagine Cork is doing is so important. It will make Cork stand out and draw people in. I am proof of that.

I am so inspired by the work they do, and grateful to them for letting me be a part of it in a small way. Mostly, I’m thankful they are sharing it with the world through social media so that they can inspire others to do the same! I can truly say that I fell in love with Cork and I have Reimagine Cork to thank for that.

Shelby Trautman

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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