Reimagine Cork 2017: 'A River Runs Through It'

After a very successful 2016, we are thrilled to present our plans for this year which we hope will add greatly to people’s experience of life in Cork city.

For 2017, we’re aiming for bigger and better in what we achieve and with the help of our supporters , collaborators, and donors, we hope to build on the success we have had in building a stronger community and sense of pride in Cork city.

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Over the past few months we have been planning 10 exciting Reimagine Cork style projects. Though widely varied, each one is based around the theme ‘A River Runs Through It’ and all share a common goal – to bring life, colour, and vibrancy back to the north channel of the river Lee.

In recent years, though some great work has been done around the city centre, our extensive quays have deteriorated in places and remain under-used and under-valued.

We have created 10 projects at various locations on the north channel which we feel will go a long way to improving our river fronts.

Each project will have a major impact on the aesthetic of the quays, but by completing these 10 projects in a relatively short space of time, our hope is that we will bring the quays back to the forefront of people’s minds when they think about Cork, making them areas of recreation and beauty as well as an iconic part of Cork once again.

To achieve our goals we will be asking that that all those who helped us last year, our supporters, volunteers, and donors, will do so again this year. Only with the continued involvement of the wider Cork community can we continue our task of making Cork an even better city for everyone.

We would also like to encourage any individuals, businesses, charities, community groups or other organisations, to contact us about how we may be able to work together on any of the projects listed below.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed in making Reimagine Cork a success and look forward to adding to the list of amazing projects we have completed already.

Thanks, from all us at Reimagine Cork!

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